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  • Hi all there

    Hi all there. I started getting interested in online dating apps but I keep getting caught by scammers? How can I protect myself from this? And do you even think there is a future in these apps? I think both yes and no. But I would like to read somewhere about it in more detail, does anyone know where I can do it?

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    I also started to get interested in it, but I heard that there are a lot of cheaters, so I need to study this area before I use it.


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      I found an article where you can read about it in detail. One of the main problems that dating app users face is the threat to their privacy. This has since become a prevailing concern. There have been numerous cases where fraudulent profiles have been used to spam or blackmail users in dating apps. Most dating apps provide a verification mechanism to prevent such threats. To have a verified profile, you must send several photos of yourself that clearly show your face. This is done to verify the authenticity of existing profiles in dating apps. Read about it here