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Side Panel has popped out!

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  • Side Panel has popped out!

    I知 new to this so apologies if I知 in the wrong area but my DS3 today has decided the side panel is going to pop out and not go back in! If I push it in it stays in for about 10 seconds and then comes back out again. It definitely looks as if something has snapped inside which holds up the panel. Was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and how much it cost roughly to fix it? I feel like taking it to Citroen will result in them telling me it痴 going to cost 」50k knowing them

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    Common problem on citroen cars. This is the way to know that someone backed into it while parking.
    There is a plastic bracket in there which is known to fail. Shouldn't cost that much to repair if you can't do it yourself.


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