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Who wants apple car play?

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  • Who wants apple car play?

    I have found a guy that can activate apple car play and he does not charge the earth, he can also supply new 7 inch screens.
    I was so happy when I found him, he also managed so far to fix the problem of the screen rebooting every 10minutes or so.
    Really nice guy and definitely recommended.

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    There's a guy on eBay who is doing CarPlay too. ?200, but send back your unit and he'll give you ?100 back. Stock-aiken-waterman I think his name is. I'm in Northern Ireland and he was able to do it for me, for ?100 I was quite pleased. Updated the firmware and all to stop the crashing issue.

    Just for anyone with the crashing issue though, I found that when it happened me going into remove all of the Bluetooth telephone profiles and then manually re-adding my own phone solved it. Strange, and annoying if you regularly connect other peoples phones, but it brought the radio back to a state of sanity.