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    Hi, I am new to the group and come from a car audio background (1990 - 2008).. I would love to hear and if possible see what different members have achieved in their DS3's.. I still have my kit from my last car that I will be looking to slip into a DS3 when I get one and appreciate that it may not all fit in.. are there any issues with fitting in a single DIN headunit..?

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    I will kick off with my install.. only got the car about three weeks ago, but since then I have stripped the insides out back to bare metal.

    I have sound deaden the whole whole boot, floor pan, front doors and side arches.. I have used traditional bitumen pads and also closed-cell foam on top.

    I have removed and ditched the whole "HiFi" setup bar the middle centre speaker which is actually very good compared to the rest of the stuff in there.

    No rear speakers in my setup bar the sub. Front tweeters have been replaced by a set of Sony GS1 Tweeters. Front doors a set of Phoenix Gold Dual Concentric 6.5in.. the front bass is 2x 10in Audio System Shallow Mount Speakers.. The bass is in a custom made Three Chamber Internally Ported 100L Sealed Box with a Fi IB15 sub. Amps are 1x Hybrid Audio U1 and 1x Hybrid Audio U5. The headunit is the tried and tested Pioneer DEX P99RS which will control the whole setup.

    I tend to run my U5 as one channel each for the tweeters, one channel each for the doors and a single mono output to the front subs. The U1 will run the bass box.

    So far I have used a fair bit of sound deadening sheets, 10mts of 1-AWG cable. 6mts of 2-AWG power cable. 4mts of 3 core 13amp cable. 30mts of decent speaker cable. 16mts of quality RCA leads and matching plugs.

    The center channel takes its feed from one wire off the left and one wire of the right door speakers and has a capacitor of 470uF to limit all sounds below 1KHz and runs through a pot-resistor to control its volume output.

    Once all set up, the headunit will time alignment, crossover points, and equalisations... I am about have way through now having laid most of the cable on top of the sound-deadening stuff..

    I will document things as I go along.

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      Work in progress.
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        I so love it when a plan comes together.. I am now able to say everything on my tick list for the car has been completed at this stage.. all that is left to be done now is to make up and carpet a new floor for the boot, build the bass speaker enclosure for the boot and two for under the front seats and plug in the DVD/CD player in the boot.

        At this stage, today, after correcting all faults, I was finally able to connect the speakers and switch everything on. I still have to tidy the wires up but that is not a big job.

        I was able to listen to just the front speakers and I am totally blown away.. it sounds 10x better than I expected and I expected it to sound 100%.. all of my hard work in the soundproofing, the wiring, the 2nd battery and all of that new cable and fuses was worth it.

        When the last three speakers and their enclosures are completed, this is gonna sound even better than the last two cars I had and they were really good in the audio performance department.

        It has been a very long slog considering that I started on 23rd April but I am so happy to have got this far and reached this goal.. Happy days ahead..

        Sound wise so far, the music is very clean and very clear. The sound deadening in the doors was really worth it and the change of tweeters up front and the re-wiring of the center speaker has really lifted the soundstage.

        The replacement front 6.5s work well.. although not as big as the 8's I had last time, much to my surprise they play down quite low and offer a good low-end response.. I will eventually cut them off around 100Hz and run them up to about 8Khz. The tweeters claim a 50Khz response.. I suspect that my old and dodgy hearing will struggle to hear past 20Khz.

        I have not played with any of the settings yet, so the headunit is still set up from the last car but even as it is, you are hearing the music and not the speakers or their location.

        At the moment the car images in the center but this still needs some fine-tuning and playing around with.

        Later this week I will set up the time alignment for the front and dial that in, that will probably sort out the soundstage and lift it right up.

        Just need to sort my three bass speakers out but for now, I will let my ears get used to the new sounds.

        Coupled with the new quietness of the car up to motorway speeds (from all that sound deadening material), shall make listening to my fav tracks a total joy.