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  • Best Option for Lowest Results?

    Hi all!

    So customary introduction. I purchased a DS3 THP DSport in June and, while I love the car, can't help but feel like it would look a lot better without the current wheel gap.
    I've spent the last few months looking at the lowering options, from springs to coilovers, but will probably settle for coilovers as I'd like to get rid of as much gap as possible.
    Someone posted a thread on Bilstein B14s a while back, and commented on their disappointment on the lack of lowering achieved. The advertised amount is up to 50mm from and back, but he said he only got 30mm. I'm assuming this is because DSports are already lower than standard DS3s?

    Options I'm considering at the moment are:
    KW Suspension Variant 1
    Eibach Pro Street S
    Bilstein B14

    So, the question is, does anyone have any advice on which coilover kit to purchase to achieve the most height reduction? I've not been able to find pictures of the results of a DS3 B14 install, so was wondering if anyone here has had success removing the gap and, if so, which product they went for.

    Thanks in advance!