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  • my ds3

    Hi everyone
    I got myself a little ds3 and absolutely love it. Got led headlights and metallic paint and Iím going to swop out speakers etc may even do 18s but will see. Anyway hope you like the pictures and thanks

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    Very nice. I almost bought a pearlescent THP, but the paintwork was bubbly. Love the Xenon headlights. Been after some to swap mine out, but they are pricey.
    Jog on Noddy


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        That DS is looking slick. The headlights are still my favourite part of mines, put a lot of other 'more grown up cars' to shame.

        If you source a good set of genuine 18's post a pic so we can see what they're like. Would be interesting to hear what difference they make to the ride quality.

        I have the 17" diamond cuts and it's pretty rough. Just put some new PS4s on them so I won't be swapping them for a while yet!