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  • DS3 Performance Black

    Hi Guys & Girls,

    I just bought this fantastic DS3 performance black and it is as good as I imagined! Upgraded from my Dsport+ hdi as I was so happy with it!

    I was just wondering whether fellow owners of the performance have any recommendations of what to look out for and how to look after these amazing machines!


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    Very nice- fancy one of those myself
    Jog on Noddy


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      Hi, I've had the 210 thp for 3 years. I'd previously had 2 Sport Plus', changing them every time DS upped the power. I've enjoyed all of them but, I absolutely love the 210 to bits. My first car, back in 1980 was a Mk 1 Golf GTi and the 210 takes me on a memory trip every time I get in it. I'm an ex-Police response driver so I do like to 'drive' a car according to it's capabilities! However, even technique and experience cannot avoid the fact that the 210 eats rear brake discs like there's no tomorrow; I've done 25k miles and I'm just coming up to the second set. Still, I feel it's a small price to pay for the amount of fun the car returns.
      The stop-start function has recently packed up, but I never really liked that function anyhow so not really bothered about getting it sorted at the next service. It's been dealer serviced from new so I've never really had any issues with it that are worth mentioning. Except...
      Following a car park scrape, I did have an issue with the quality of workmanship that lies under those plastic wheel arch rims. Upon getting the old one off, the repair shop called me to ask me where I'd had them fitted as it looked like a 6 year-old had cut the arches with an hacksaw!! The insurance approved repair shop actually refused to carry out the work due to concerns about giving a warranty on the repair and I had to get the car transferred to a DS body shop. It took me months of arguing and threats before I got a satisfactory outcome from DS. Apparently the cars were taken off of the standard production line, wheeled in to the DS Sport section and all the Performance bits applied in there. This seemed to come as a surprise to the two DS Directors I dealt with. One thing I did find out though is that, at that time, there were less than100 of the 210's in the UK so, not sure if that will have a positive influence on the resale value.
      Enjoy your car, I'm a year overdue changing this one, I just can't bear to part with it. I think it will have to be my garaged weekend toy when I change cars next year.