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Citroen DS3 Cabrio - Car feels slow - any advice?

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  • Citroen DS3 Cabrio - Car feels slow - any advice?

    Good evening all.

    Past few days my car has felt sluggish, feels like it has less power and also sounds quite noisy inside when travelling at high speeds. When driving 70mph on motorway it almost feels like I’m travelling up hill and certainly doesn’t feel like I’m going 70mph can even find myself going 80 without even realising.

    Turbo intercooler hose pipe seems to be leaking oil at the bottom and there is oil over the top of the intercooler but not sure how long this has been doing this. Could this be the cause? Car was serviced 3 weeks ago and has been driving decent except the past few days.

    I have checked pipes and can’t see any visible holes etc. I have checked all around the turbo too.

    Had someone look at it and they say they can’t see any issues. They took for a spin round the streets 30mph and can feel a kick around 30mph but my car used to feel a lot quicker than this.

    Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?

    Thank you in advance.

    Car is a DS3 Cabrio 1.6 HDI.

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    Also hear a swooshing noise when driving at high speeds.


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      It sounds like there could be an issue with your turbo. A diesel would feel absolutely dead without this, or with it not working properly (ask any VW TDI owner of a 10 year old car!).

      Unless you are very mechanically experienced tracing and tracking this might be too much. You could look at a few videos on YouTube from Scotty Kilmer, a guy from America who is pretty no nonesense and makes short videos .

      Also, what fuel are you using? Supermarket fuel used to have the same effect on my last car (a small petrol car), sometimes it would be fine and othertimes as you say felt like it's driving uphill on flat roads it struggled... Diesels have so many sensors, and of course the turbo's, to go wrong when the fuel is crappy.

      You could try one of those engine flush things and a tank of fuel from a quality source (Shell, BP) to see if that can help clean out any grit and any crap fuel that could be making it play up. Sounds novel, but again on an old car one time I had it dying out and stalling - thought it was done - turned out to be dirt / bad fuel and once it passed through it ran fine again. Start with the simple things.

      Search vacuum leaks, oil in turbo, diesel car dead online and watch some videos to try see if they look like what you are experiencing.