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Limp mode - Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit High. 2 cylinders replaced - advice sought

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  • Limp mode - Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit High. 2 cylinders replaced - advice sought

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum but hoping I may be able to get some advice. I have a 2010 DS3 DSport (diesel engine). 65,000 miles.

    Since owning the car (at which point it had done 35,000 miles), I've had quite a few incidences of limp mode where I get one of two messages: PO271 Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit High or PO265 Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit High

    I've had two cylinders replaced over the past 2 years, July 2019 and November 2020

    All seemed well until yesterday when again the car went into limp mode, with the Cylinder 4 High message.

    I have a code reader which I keep with me (due to the many instances this has happened and if I call RAC they just take it out of limp mode and then the garage can't help because it's not in limp mode). I was 100 miles from home so after a few tries managed to erase the codes to take the car out of limp mode

    Even when I do this for the next few miles the car seems to be in a semi-limp mode, whereby it is jolty if I go above 2000rpm, and seems low on power. Then usually the next day is fine again...until eventually falling into limp mode again

    Those more in the technical know than myself - do you think another cylinder has a fault? Or is something else causing this?

    Any advice appreciated, thank you!

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    Hi alishajames ,

    Sorry to hear about your problem, did you have your injectors replaced since you own the car or it could be possible that the cable/connector is faulty which goes to the injector on cylinder 4.

    I do not own a diesel ds3 but a thp DS3 hope this can point you in the direction of solving your problem.