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Connecting the Central Speaker (Hi-Fi)

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  • Connecting the Central Speaker (Hi-Fi)

    Hello everyone!
    I have 13" ds3 cabrio d-sport.
    I have already 6 speakers 2 rear 2 front 2 tweeters.
    I ordered Central Speaker from service and it arrived.
    There is some questions about it, which are;

    I don't have a cable coming from the central speaker. How can I connect it the radio and fusebox socket?
    I don't have a connector fits to the dash speaker. How can I found it? Is there a reference number?

    My car has automatic climate control and non-touch Myway rt6 system.
    I don't have rear subwoofer and I will not buy and add it.
    I don't have a connects2 and I want to connect it without connects2.
    The connection guide will be appreciated!

    Have a healthy day!

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    Not sure it you've realised now but the centre speaker is powered by the amplifier on the subwoofer. This amplifier powers the subwoofer and the centre speaker.


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      This is how I am going to use mine. I have completely stripped out the whole system and ditched it.. but what I am doing for the centre speaker can be done to the current system. You will need to find the wires from the front door speakers. Get yourself an Audio Grade Capacitor of 47uF (I got two off Amazon for about 3). You need the negative wire from the left and right door speakers and feed it to the centre speaker with one of the inputs going through the capacitor.. it is a load of faffing around but it will work.. This will give a low key centre channel. If you use the positive wires from the left and right it will give a high key centre channel and if you use one negative and one positive wire this will upset the balance of what you hear.. The capacitor will protect the speaker from the lower bass notes and effectively will cut off most frequencies below 1KHz. on a simple -6dB slope, so you will still have signals coming through at 250Hz and 500Hz but they will be much weaker.

      My intentions are to do the same with my replacement speakers but my setup has an actively run five-channel amp to run the front end so I do have 100% control over the whole setup.

      Hope that helps.. Click image for larger version

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