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Why Do We Build Big Houses?

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  • Why Do We Build Big Houses?

    After deciding to move to Colorado, we booked a flight to begin house hunting. A few must-haves in our next home included the usual…price and number of bedrooms. Our wish-list included a view of the mountains and no more than 3,000 square feet. Unfortunately, this scenario was almost impossible to find.

    Throughout the US, rarely will you find a small home built on a premium lot with a big view. Some would say if you’re paying top dollar for the lot, you have the money (and desire) to build a big house. It seems right to build a big house to maximize that ideal spot of land.

    In the US, we want that American dream. We want the big house and the fancy car…the status symbol of success. In reality, larger homes can cost twice as much to operate than a house that’s 30% smaller. Taxes are higher. And, every room needs furniture.

    Large homes have rooms that are seldom used. Do we need that formal dining room for two holidays a year? What about that spare bedroom? How often do we have guests?

    According to a study from The Center on Everyday Lives of Families at the University of California, 65% of families spend their time in the kitchen and the family room. Every month, we pay the mortgage, utilities, and maintenance for the rooms we don’t use.

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