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  • Reliability from the Prince

    Hi there.

    Pick up blue vti on Thursday.
    Always loved the ds3 and now finally got one
    But lot of negativity about the engine on these.
    I thought a lot of the problems was on the thp engine.. But looking online the vti gets a bashing aswell. But these engines must number the millions of units... How does the vti shape up?
    ThNk you


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    Welcome to the Club

    Not heard many concerns about the VTI engine

    THP had overstated problems imo- timing chain/ tensioner and inlet valves carbonised- all could be sorted. Breaking pistons were in the real minority, Racing version excepted

    If you look hard enough you can find loadsa problems with every car on the planet
    Jog on Noddy


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      Hi Chris.
      Thank you for quick reply.
      That's great. Yes I did think every car got issues.
      But I've got a habit of buying lemons and I'm petrified.
      I thought the vti was OK. But somebody told me it a mini cooper engine and the oil consumption is horrific and timing chains are weak... But always someone about to piss on your parade


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        Oil consumption takes place on some cars to various degrees. So long as you arent putting in litres a month, Technicians will say its normal

        VTi's havent got a history of being temperemental- spose you will have to wait and see

        You could take a warranty out for piece of mind, and some dealers can get good discounts on warranty's.
        Jog on Noddy