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  • First one!

    Morning all.. I’m considering delving into the DS3 world and found a 1.6 e-HDi DStyle on a 64 plate (lovely little car ) There’s a couple of things that are going to be rectified by the dealer ( won’t drop out of 5th properly is the main issue ) if I do buy, but is there anything specific I should confirm with him or things I need to look out for? It’s on a touch over 88,000 miles.. thanks in advance..

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    Hi. Welcome to DS3 world/ forum.
    I have the edhi 110 Dsport, so similar, but you dont have a Turbo, and Ive less miles (78k) but yours is newer- mines 2012 so yours is facelift model
    Gearbox's on all DS3s are "nothcy" and "clubnky" so not surprised you have an issue- hope dealer resolves it- if not an additive may help. Friction reducing stuff.

    Things to check- not anything special TBH

    Diesel particulate filter- does that work OK, any history of problems. They can get pricey to replace
    Ask dealer to ensure the fault code history is clear

    Other than that, service every year, or necessary mileage- all should be fine

    If you use decent fuel (Not supermarket cheapest) your issues should be minimal
    Jog on Noddy


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      Thanks Chris_Blue.. I’ll take your advice and check things with the dealer..