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For sale HPFP,Ignition coils etc

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  • For sale HPFP,Ignition coils etc

    Sold my DS3 about 6 months ago and had some parts i said i would keep hold of incase the new owner had any issues. I havnt heard from them and bits are taking up space. They come from a rear ended RCZ with about 40k miles on it and i also have a tyre from when i changed the tyres when owned the car that was too good to throw away and be ideal for a spare.The parts were taken out of a working engine but i have had no way to test them myself but price relects this.

    So parts are,

    1 x HPFP
    4 x Ignition coils
    1 x vvt solonoid
    1 x 17 inch tyre
    and a few pipes from coolant system im told that were just taken because they were there.

    no use to me and hopefully will help someone out, just looking for 50 for the lot, items are in northampton for pickup, do not really want to mess with posting because of the tyre and weight, if you did need it osting thst would be at buyers expense. Due to being silly price as any of these parts are worth about 50 by themselves so price is for everything. message me if interested

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    Hiya, long shot, but are these still available?