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Frost COOLBOX Sample Pack

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  • Frost COOLBOX Sample Pack

    Frost COOLBOX Sample Pack

    15 Inc Delivery with voucher code DS301 Coolbox Sample Pack

    Our Coolbox Sample Pack gives you the opportunity to try out eight of core products. The sample pack includes:

    Frost CLEAN shampoo

    Frost CLEAN 15ml shampoo removes daily dirt and road grime and the pH neutral formula is designed to be gentle on paint and wax layers.

    Frost PURE Shampoo

    Frost PURE 15ml Shampoo is an outstanding, highly concentrated pH neutral car shampoo which removes daily dirt and road grime.

    Frost ICE Glass Cleaner

    Frost ICE 15ml Glass Cleaner breaks down the build up of everyday dirt, leaving you with a crystal clear finish to your glass.

    Frost CLEAR Glass Polish

    Frost CLEAR 15ml Glass Polish is an outstanding hydrophobic polish to give crystal clear glass.

    Frost 360 Cleaner

    Frost 360 50ml Cleaner is ideal for removing road grime, brake dust and grease as well as tired layers of wax in preparation for polishing.

    Frost FRESH Wheel Cleaner

    Frost FRESH 50ml Wheel Cleaner gently breaks down brake dust and road grime, without stripping existing wax or sealant layers.

    Frost ONYX Tyre Dressing

    Frost ONYX 50ml Tyre Dressing gives an amazingly durable and long lasting wet look shine to your tyres every time.

    Frost ZERO Decontaminant

    Frost ZERO 50ml Decontaminant is an excellent iron dissolver that removes iron deposits from all exterior surfaces.

    Frost COOLBOX Sample Pack
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