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  • DeeKay's mod thread

    Hey all,

    As mentioned on Discord, I would start a thread starting as and when my first modification was done / had arrived.

    It might be a slow burn, a steady journey but I appreciate your patience as this is the first time I have ever been this adventurous with a car...

    Where possible, I will provide a step by step guide on how these modifications were done for the benefit of any other enthusiasts out there. So let's begin!

    Step 1 - Find your model DS3 on websites such as eBay (other online outlets are available, including your local DS / Citreon dealership) and purchase.
    Step 2 - When your model has arrived, remove the packaging.
    Step 3 - Source a small double sided sticky patch (the kinda ones you get for cable management for dash cam wires) and gently place this in your desired position.
    Step 4 - Firmly but carefully, place your DS3 model onto the sticky patch to give you the desired result (see photo).
    Step 5 - Leave positive feedback to your buyer as that's the done thing to do.

    My DS3 Club stickers have arrived today (thank you to whoever is responsible for making and sending these out) so I'll give the car a scrub and get them on ASAP! I know you'll be waiting in serious anticipation for another in depth guide...

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    Really appreciated the step-by-step guide for this!

    Looking forward to seeing what else you do!
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      Looks like a good starter mod, easy for anyone to do. Thanks for sharing!
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        Fabulous- thanks for sharing
        Jog on Noddy


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          Stunning first mod. Look forward to seeing what you do next
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            whats the next step- all over decal ?
            Jog on Noddy


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              Haha yeah, that'd be a mega jump...

              Next is to get the DS3 club stickers on the car.

              2 weeks from now, Jamie @ SP Tuning will be having a good look at the car (something abit more interesting for you all to hear about)


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                Ok, so as mentioned above, next up was the DS3 club stickers / decals...

                Step 1 - Sign up to the DS3 club forum, introduce yourself THEN buy decals from the shop. It is very important you do it this way around.
                Step 2 - On delivery of decals (in this case the decals I picked can be seen in the photos) clean the area where you intend on placing the decals making sure there are no bits of dirt etc
                Step 3 - Make sure you have self-patience. Very carefully, peal the back of the decal away making sure the decal design remains on the see-through sticker bit. Take your time and fold the back slowly as you go on as it helps separate the decal from the back.
                Step 4 - Once all of the decal is on the sticker and the back has been removed, carefully place your decal in the desired location. Don't just slap it on, start in a corner and using a credit card* gently scrape across making sure the sticker is smoothly applied.
                Step 5 - Using the same credit card (unless you want to swap to a different one because you are heavily in debt due to modding your DS3 and therefore have more than one credit card) gently scrape the whole area, top to bottom, side to side, corner to corner, the whole lot. This pushes the air bubbles out and (hopefully) transfers the decal to the car.
                Step 6 - Carefully peel the sticker away from your car and as you do, the decal (should) remain on the car.
                Step 7 - If you are like me and are pretty useless at DIY related tasks - rejoice at your work.

                *All major credit cards accepted (except American Express)


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                  Another excellent write up!! Stickers look great!
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                    Time to step it up a gear.... wind deflectors.

                    Step 1 - Purchase wind deflectors. For this guide, I have used Team Heko ones based on other DS3 club members advice / experience.
                    Step 2 - When they arrive, they will be in 2 separate plastic wrapping. One will have 4 clips which you will need to keep for later. Remove wrapping.
                    Step 3 - Roll down your windows completely. Remove the two areas of sticky tape and then taking your first wind deflector, carefully fit the edge of the deflector into the crack of the top of the door window. Since these are built to shape, it should slot in just nicely. Re-jig where required.
                    Step 4 - Once this wind deflector is in place, get one of the clips and squeeze it a little bit. Now on one side of the newly fitted wing deflector, place the clip into the gap between the wind deflector and the car door gap. Using a flat head screw driver, carefully but firmly push the clip up until it's fitted into place. With the second clip, do the same but further along the wind deflector. This will keep it locked in place.
                    Step 5 - Repeat step 4 on your other window.
                    Step 6 - If none of this guide made any sense, go onto YouTube and search 'How to install wind deflectors HEKO'. If it did make sense, you should end up with something that looks like the enclosed photos!


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                      Loving these write ups. Looking forward to future mods.
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                        Back to a very basic mod... seat belt pads.

                        Step 1 - Buy seat belt pads (mine are from eBay, where else...)
                        Step 2 - Remove packaging and since they are velcro, open it up and wrap around your seat belt above the metal clip.
                        Step 3 - Repeat step 2 for the other seat belt.
                        Step 4 - Make sure they are the right way up by testing them in position as per photo. DONE.

                        My K&N air filter arrived today so that will be fitted as and when SP Tuning remap the engine. Really excited for that now...


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                          They look familiar!!
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                            Nice write up, I really like the sticker placement on the active city brake block!
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                              I don't think it would be beneficial to do a guide for this one...

                              Buy DS logo dust caps, replace old generic plastic ones. DONE.